Thursday, 15 July 2010

My Little Pony....

was not my thing when I was younger...mind I was 14+ by the time they came over this side of the pond...but these days it's fun playing with the little girls in the family :)... and as I have no girls, being able to plait their hair is a good alternative...the dog goes running when she sees the ribbons...
I got the die at the end of last week, and loved it straight away...cutting them with a white body and coloured mane and tails...had great fun getting the combinations and flow of colours just right cute..:)...I could also do them in 'natural' colours for more 'horsey' orientated projects....oh dear..I'll have to play again lol..
The dinner is almost cooked, and Gareth needs to do the dishwasher...with Mum coming round later, I'd better get a move on....thanks for looking....Joy x x

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Karen said...

Wow, I love My little pony and would love to know the number or name of this die as I would love to own one.

Love all of your work, its great

Karen x