Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Photographs, photographs.....

How many photographs have I taken over the years, I dread to think, and with the introdution of the digital image it's got even worse.
Several years ago a group of us did an AS level in Art and Design (Photography) and this increased my awareness, both of how and what photography was about. Mum and I joined the local Camera Club, and we regularly enter images to be judged.
This is one of several images I took a couple of years ago, I enjoy taking close ups of things, not that it helps with winning competitions, but knowing my round the camera improved.
When I started Scrapbooking I started with ones of Gareth as a baby. Then I found all my photo's from my teens and others of when I first got married, of the house and garden, I've done a few in a little album. But I have loads of photo's and have found an extra outlet in producing pages that I wouldn't necessarily do myself, and that's a Circle Journal.
A group of us agree to post an album to the others, in turn, and produce a layout for it. The one I've just started is using my Club entries, which will allow me to record what I have entered and the story behind it.
I've re-read the above and wonder if it actually makes sense....
The other thing that keeps me away from the scrapbooking is doing the die cutting for eBay, I enjoy the challenge of producing different cuts, but I struggle to make a decision at the best of times, so finding papers, embellishments and card that goes with a photo/photo's for a layout takes me forever.
Gareth is away tonight, and tomorrow night, on his first residential trip with school. They are only seven or eight miles away at a outdoor centre based at Purbrook Fort, Portsdown Hill, but of course as 'Mum', it feels as if he's in the south of France.
Have a good day all, and I'll try and find the cable for my camera..Joy x x

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Jac said...

Hi Joy, I love that pic of the dragonfly its fantastic - I'd love to do a course on photography but they are sooo expensive and not that close to home either! How are you coping with DS being away, its really hard the first time as the house seems so empty and you keep looking round expecting them to be here, actually it still seems strange and Ria has been away from home quite a few times now with cubs & scouts! Try and enjoy some real ME time hun. BTW you've been tagged. x